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Pricing and Rate Plans


Riders are rates that reflect temporary changes to your bill. They are approved by the Virginia State Corporation Commission and may be a credit or a debit. Riders on Virginia Natural Gas bill statements for business / commercial customers include the Weather Normalization Adjustment and the SAVE Plan.


WNA for Commercial Customers

The WNA allows for an adjustment on bills to reflect normal winter weather conditions. A bill credit is added in colder-than-normal winter weather conditions and a surcharge is added in warmer-than-normal weather.

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The SAVE Plan enhances the reliability of our natural gas delivery system by accelerating the replacement of pipeline infrastructure. It recovers all approved SAVE Plan-related infrastructure replacement costs.


Rate Schedule

Monthly Charge

Schedule 1


Schedule 1A


Schedule 2-A


Schedule 2-B


Schedule 2-C


Schedule 3


Schedule 4


Schedule 5


Schedule 6


Schedule 7


Schedule 9


Schedule 11

As Applicable

Schedule 12

As Applicable

Schedule 13


Schedule 14


Schedule 15


Schedule 16


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Sales/Use Tax Information

During its 2004 session, the Virginia General Assembly passed House Bill 5018 which imposed new sales/use taxes on utilities and authorized utilities to recover these taxes from customers. Review the tax guidelines.