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Understanding Your Bill

Understanding Your Bill

Customer Bill Explanation

  1. Account Information – All the key account information regarding your natural gas bill including account number, billing date, next meter reading, next billing date, website and toll-free telephone   number for inquiries. 

  2. Credits and Charges Since Your Last Bill – The previous bill amount or outstanding balance and payments received since the previous billing.  

  3. Current Charges* – Information includes the rate schedule identifier and the charges associated with this billing. Other descriptions are included on the back of your bill.

  4. Monthly Usage Comparison – A graph showing a customer’s monthly natural gas consumption for the previous 12 months.

  5. Billing Period and Meter Readings – Previous and current meter readings and the dates of such meter readings, number of days in current period billing and the current period natural gas consumption (CCF).

  6. Emergency Contact  Number - 24 hour toll-free telephone number for service emergencies.

  7. Pay By Date - Payment due date of current charges in order to avoid late payment charges.

  8. Additional Customer Information - Customer rate code, energy share information as well as monthly customer announcements.

General Business Charges

Service Charges: Every business customer incurs a service charge for initiating service. 

Seasonal Connection: If service is disconnected and resumed within nine months, a seasonal connection fee is charged. 

Furnace Light-Up Service: Virginia Natural Gas professionals can relight your manual pilot light if you have turned off your furnace and are unable to relight.  

Furnace Light-Up Fee Schedule:

  • Service completed on or before September 15 -- no fee.
  • Service completed between September 16-October 15 -- Residential:  $20.   Non-Residential:  $20 per appliance.
  • Service completed between October 16-March 31 -- Residential:  $30.   Non-Residential:  $40 per appliance.

NOTE: The charge is only for lighting the furnace. Additional charges may apply to inspect, adjust and light certain appliances. Commercial customers: Please note that a charge applies for each furnace.

Deposits: An initial deposit may be required. If a deposit is required, it will be retained until the account reflects prompt payment for one year or until service is disconnected and a final bill is rendered. After one year, your account will be reviewed and the deposit and earned interest will be applied to your account if a satisfactory payment record has been established. If disconnection of your gas service occurs, the deposit, plus any earned interest, will be applied to all unpaid balances and a bill/refund will be rendered for the difference. Simple interest is earned on all deposits held over 90 days at an annual rate set for all utilities by the State Corporation Commission. For the current interest rate, consult the Customer Care Center.

Credit Checks: First time customers are asked for permission to have a credit check performed through a credit reporting agency. This helps us to determine how much if any deposit is required. 

Late Payment Charge: Virginia Natural Gas bills are sent on a monthly basis and are due and payable upon presentation. Any balance that remains unpaid after the due date, as stated on your bill, is subject to a late payment charge, excluding local utility taxes. 

Returned Check: There is a handling fee for each check that we receive that is returned by your bank. 

Reconnection Charge: If service is interrupted for nonpayment, a service reconnection fee is charged to cover the cost of restoring your service. A deposit may be required.

Leave It On...  
You pay a minimum monthly charge, but you’ll have assurance of gas service during unseasonably cool weather. You also save a reconnection charge. Any time service is disconnected and reconnected in a nine-month period, the reconnection charge is $40. Additional charges also may apply to inspect, adjust and light certain appliances.