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Comfort, Reliability and Performance

The many benefits of natural gas make it an environmentally responsible energy choice for your home.

  • Today's natural gas furnaces feature technology that boosts efficiency to save money and improve comfort.
  • Gas water heaters deliver up to twice the hot water in the same amount of time as an electric water heater.
  • A natural gas dryer is more efficient. It can dry two loads of towels in the same time it takes an electric dryer to handle one load.
  • Patterned after professional models, today’s gas ranges offer even cooking, high-output burners and super-low simmer settings.
  • Gas furnaces typically last twice as long as electric heat pumps.
  • Gas fireplaces and logs, grills and outdoor lights are attractive and low-maintenance.
  • Natural gas is the best choice for pool and space heating and backup power generation.
  • There are so many possibilities to bring comfort, reliability and savings into your home. Take a natural gas home tour >

Gas Furnaces

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Natural gas furnaces heat your home faster. Air from a natural gas furnace is up to 25 degrees warmer when it comes through the vent than air from an electric heat pump.

Most new high-efficiency furnaces have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating of 90 percent or higher. The higher the AFUE, the more efficient the unit and the more money you can save.

New residential furnaces will display an EnergyGuide label comparing the annual fuel costs of similar-sized units.

Look for these high-tech features that improve furnace efficiency:

  • Electronic spark ignitions or "hot surface" ignitions eliminate the need for continuously burning pilot lights that waste fuel and increase operating costs.
  • Condensing furnaces recapture some of the heat from water vapor, which is wasted by traditional furnaces. The exhaust gases from a condensing furnace are cool enough that they can be vented through a wall with plastic piping.
  • Pulse furnaces burn natural gas in small pulses, much like a car engine, allowing maximum heat to be extracted from the fuel. These furnaces can achieve AFUE ratings as high as 97 percent.
  • Automatic vent dampers close the flue pipe when the burners are off and reduce the amount of heated air drawn up and wasted.

Gas Space Heaters 

Energy-efficient gas space heaters are growing in popularity — and for good reason, they operate even during power outages. They’re also great solutions for heating small rooms — or whenever you need a bit more warmth.

The two basic types of gas space heaters are:

  • Vent-free models are virtually 99 percent fuel-efficient and require no electricity. You can control them manually or with thermostats, and they can be mounted on walls or floors.
  • Vented models are thermostatically controlled and sit on the floor.

Gas Water Heaters

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Natural gas water heaters can heat up to twice the amount of water in the same amount of time as an electric model—which means you’re less likely to run out of hot water when you need it.

Natural gas water heaters are available in tank and tankless models. Both have significant advantages over electric and propane water heaters:

  • With fewer parts to wear out, natural gas water heaters are generally considered more durable than electric models.
  • If the power goes out, most gas water heaters continue to deliver plenty of hot water.

 Go Tankless!

  • Tankless water heaters heat water on demand, meaning you’ll almost never run out of hot water.
  • They are economical. You aren’t paying to keep a large tank of water continuously heated.
  • Multiple size and venting options provide the perfect tankless model for your needs.

Reduced water heating time, energy expenses and greenhouse gas emissions all make tankless water heaters a great choice.

Gas Ranges

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Dreaming of one of those beautiful natural gas ranges you see in the magazines? Well, awaken the chef within! Patterned after models prized by professional chefs, today’s gas ranges offer even cooking, high-output burners and super-low simmer settings. Other cook-friendly features include self-cleaning ovens and vented grills. 

Cooking with natural gas is also very economical. With precision temperature controls and instant on/off settings, a gas range not only offers superior cooking results, it also costs about half a much to operate than a similar electric range. 

And remember - if the power goes out, you can still cook for your family. Make the switch!

Call 844.449.9244 to speak to a Virginia Natural Gas representative about switching to clean, safe, reliable, affordable natural gas. 

Gas Dryers

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A natural gas dryer can dry two loads of clothes in the same time it takes for one load in an electric dryer. This precision allows your dryer to keep pace with your washing machine. Less tumbling means that natural gas dryers are gentler on your clothes. Natural gas dryers dry clothes more quickly and with less static electricity and fewer wrinkles, than electric dryers.

Outdoor Gas Lights

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Natural gas outdoor lights provide bright and natural light to any outdoor space, in front of your home and also in the backyard. They can be mounted on exterior walls, porch ceilings or on lampposts.

In addition to adding charm and character to your home and outdoor living space, the functionality of outdoor gas lights can’t be beat! Enjoy:

• Less maintenance and upkeep

• Protection and dependability when the electricity is out

• Easy turn-on and turn-off with switches inside your house

• On and off lighting that can also be controlled with a timer

• Natural lighting that doesn’t attract bugs

Gas Grills

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More homeowners who love to cook outdoors are switching to natural gas grills. They are fast—usually ready for cooking in 10 minutes or less. And natural gas grills are so convenient and easy to use. No more trying to get the charcoal lit or lugging those heavy propane tanks to be refilled. Best of all, natural gas grills never run out of fuel. How many times have you had hungry children or guests disappointed when the propane ran out?

Gas grills can be installed just about anywhere. They can be permanently mounted in-ground or on your deck. Or you can use a quick-connect option and install your grill on a portable cart, so you can move it when you’re not using it. Add-on options include cast iron grids, adjustable shelves, side burners, rotisseries and instant-start ignition.

Natural gas grills offer more precise temperature control than charcoal. Cooking outdoors on a natural gas grill also reduces heat in the kitchen, which puts less demand on air conditioning during hot summer months.

Gas Fireplaces

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Natural gas logs and fireplaces provide the warmth and charm of a glowing fire, without the mess and bother of firewood and ashes. More homeowners are discovering the lasting benefits of gas logs:

  • Operate without electricity
  • Enhance room décor
  • Produce no odors or ashes
  • Provide space heating
  • Environmentally friendly

To put gas logs in an existing fireplace, you’ll need a gas line installed by a Qualified Natural Gas Contractor. 

Pool Heaters

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Enjoy the water a little longer! A natural gas pool allows you to extend the swimming season.

The most effective way to maintain ideal water temperatures, natural gas pool heaters are up to 97 percent energy-efficient and warm the water twice as fast as electric heaters, according to the American Gas Association.

Natural gas pool heaters are available for any size pool or spa, and there are also a variety of natural gas heaters for spas and hot tubs. When installing a new natural gas heater for your pool or hot tub, always have a qualified natural gas contractor do the work.

Patio Heating

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Take the chill off. When temperatures drop, your family can continue to enjoy the outdoors with a natural gas heater on your patio or deck. Natural gas patio heaters radiate heat downward to warm a 12- to 20-foot area. They are most effective when the outdoor temperatures are between 40 and 60 degrees. Patio heaters can be located almost anywhere with post mount and portable models available.

Environmental Responsibility

  • Natural gas is more efficient than electricity. More than 90 percent of the energy in natural gas is delivered directly to your home, while less than a third of the energy used to make electricity gets to your home.
  • Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel. Burning natural gas produces 44 percent less carbon dioxide emissions than coal and 22 percent less than fuel oil, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.
  • Natural gas reduces your carbon footprint. Switching to natural gas appliances can reduce your home’s carbon footprint by as much as 40 percent. Try this handy carbon calculator
  • Choosing natural gas promotes energy independence. There is an abundant domestic supply—more than 100 years at current production rates.