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Multifamily Program

Multifamily Incentive Program

Attention Builders: Learn how you can receive valuable cash incentives when you install natural gas appliances in your next multifamily project.

Qualified projects can receive per-unit cash incentives to help offset or even eliminate the cost of piping and venting your natural gas equipment. It doesn’t matter if your multifamily project is existing or new, small or large, if it is located within the Virginia Natural Gas service territory, your project may be eligible to benefit from our exciting new cash incentive program. 

Examples of potential cash incentives:

  • An individually metered 100-unit multifamily project with natural gas ranges and tankless water heaters could receive a cash incentive of approximately $1,000 per unit.

  • An individually metered 300-unit multifamily project with natural gas space heating, tankless water heaters and ranges could receive a cash incentive of approximately $2,000 per unit. 

Why you should feature natural gas in your next multifamily project:


Let’s face it, customers prefer the warmth, comfort and reliability natural gas appliances provide. By featuring natural gas in your next multifamily project, you may be able to:


  • Increase sales and set yourself apart from the competition by featuring sought-after amenities like gas cooking and gas fire logs.

  • Lower your projects’ overall energy costs.

  • Decrease the overall electricity demand of your project.

  • Add valuable usable square footage to each unit by installing the space savings of a natural gas tankless water heater.

  • Create added value by offering the warmth of natural gas space heating. 

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