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Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving

Our Charitable Philosophy

At Virginia Natural Gas, we take great pride in our legacy as one of Virginia’s oldest corporations and aspire to “be a citizen wherever we serve.” These charitable giving guidelines reflect our traditional company priorities and the values of our employees who helped design the program and who have shown their commitment to our community not only through participation in company events, but in giving freely of their time, talent and resources to organizations that meet these criteria. Combining our corporate and employee resources allows us to make an even larger impact in these crucial areas, multiplying our service.

A beautiful Hispanic woman smiles as her senior female Caucasian friend hands her a canned good. They are working in an assembly line while packing food boxes during a community food drive. Other diverse volunteers are working beside them.

Our Key Areas of Focus

Children and Education – We support children’s programs that focus on those with physical, medical or educational challenges. We place an emphasis on supporting STEM related programs for K-12.
Application deadline March 1, 2024

Environmental Stewardship – We support projects that increase conservation or improve the sustainability of our region.
Application deadline March 1, 2024

Community Enrichment and Social Justice We support programs that enrich the communities we serve by contributing to their overall cultural, civic and intellectual growth, including social justice and equity for all people.
Application deadline May 31, 2024

Military and Veterans – We support organizations that provide services for transitioning military into the workforce and disabled veterans.
Application deadline August 30, 2024

Energy Assistance – We support programs that help low-income households and low-income senior citizens afford their natural gas energy consumption. These programs include home weatherization projects and emergency energy assistance.
Application deadline August 30, 2024

Please note that Virginia Natural Gas can consider grant requests only from those organizations classified as 501(c)(3), tax-exempt by the IRS. Virginia Natural Gas does not contribute to individuals, religious organizations or private K-12 schools. See application below for details.

How to Submit a Grant Request

If your organization would like to submit a request for a contribution, please mail the information outlined below to:

Virginia Natural Gas
Attn: Emily MacCartney
Manager, Community Affairs
544 S. Independence Blvd.
Virginia Beach
VA 23452

Or, you may email it to 

Your Request Must Include

  • Charitable giving application (PDF)
  • A brief background of the organization (two pages or less) and its Board membership list.
  • The organization's mission statement.
  • A legible and most recent copy of the organization's 501(c)(3) tax-exempt letter and a W9.
  • A clear statement of the project for which funds are needed.
  • The amount the organization requests for the project.
  • Sources of other support for the project and current financial statement of the organization.

Grants are most likely to be awarded to organizations that fall into one of the five focus areas noted above and whose programs benefit those within Virginia Natural Gas’ service area. 

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