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Deferred Payment Arrangement

If you are past due on your bill, you may be able to set up payment arrangements which give you more time to pay it off. 

How does a Deferred Payment Arrangement work?

Set Monthly Installments

You pay a set number of monthly installments with 25% down.


Bring Your Bill Current

Enrolling in a DPA, brings your bill current, which will allow you to enroll in the Budget Plan, if desired, to avoid unpredictable bills from month to month.

Avoid Service Disruption

Helps you avoid a service disconnection for an unpaid past-due balance so that you can continue to fuel your home uninterrupted with natural gas.

Note: Once you set up a payment arrangement, you will pay your monthly payment arrangement amount for your past-due balance and your monthly current bill amount each month.

Are you eligible for a Deferred Payment Arrangement?

Check your eligibility online or over the phone.


Self-serve by visiting My Account 
and clicking the enrollment link.

By Phone

Call us and follow the phone prompts
or speak with an agent:

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