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station maintenance

Building and Maintaining CNG Stations

Fueling Stations

Public CNG stations are currently limited but the number of locations is expanding rapidly. Individual consumers or public/private fleet operators may also choose to install their own CNG fueling stations.

Virginia existing and proposed CNG fueling stations open to the public or use the U.S. Government Department of Energy's Alternative Fueling Station Locator to find the public station nearest you.

VNG Locations

Find a public, private, or planned CNG station in Virginia.

Newport News (Virginia Natural Gas Station)
746 Diligence Drive, Newport News, VA

Norfolk (Virginia Natural Gas Stations)
1184 Lance Road, Norfolk, VA

Downtown Richmond (Clean Energy)
211 Maury Street, Richmond, VA

How to Refuel

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) saves up to 50% over conventional fuels, and there are five public fast-fill refueling stations located throughout Virginia. Consumers who are natural gas customers also have the option of refueling at home with a natural gas home refueling appliance, which uses a time-fill system of filling a tank overnight. 

The process for refueling is almost identical to the process used at local gasoline stations. Most public CNG stations accept credit cards at the dispenser and the filling time is similar to using a gasoline pump.

Refueling Instructions for a Fast-Fill Dispenser

Most stations have no attendants on duty. You will first need to be trained on the use of the CNG operations. The Company will proved the short training.