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Virginia Natural Gas Rate Request - Final Order

September 1, 2023 – Virginia Natural Gas (VNG) received final approval from the Virginia State Corporation Commission (VSCC) on August 28, 2023, for the company’s rate request. The final approved rates resulted in customers being eligible for a refund.

The company originally filed the request with the VSCC in August 2022 seeking to implement customer-focused enhancements and recover costs incurred from investments made to improve the safety of our system, including mandated public improvements, to modernize internal processes, bolster the technical workforce and to be able to better engage with our customers. Interim rates, based on the proposed request went into effect January 1, 2023, and were subject to refund after the final outcome from the VSCC.

Beginning September 1, 2023, customer bills will reflect the final rates approved by the Commission with customers receiving a one-time refund, with interest, on the previous interim rates on or before November 30, 2023.

These investments are being made for the long-term benefit of our customers and are part of our obligation to provide the safe and reliable service they expect and deserve.

Virginia Natural Gas is committed to delivering clean, safe, reliable and affordable natural gas in order to build a clean and sustainable energy future for the state while maintaining lows costs for Virginians. The new rates allow VNG to continue to meet our public service obligation and commitment to provide safe and reliable natural gas service to our more than 310,000 customers throughout southeastern Virginia.

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