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VNG is Raising the Bar on Lowering Emissions

Virginia Natural Gas is stepping up its game in the sustainability arena by providing its residential and small business customers with 100% certified Next Generation Natural Gas starting April 1. This initiative underscores VNG's commitment to reducing its environmental footprint and supporting the global effort toward cleaner energy. By embracing this advanced form of natural gas, known for its reduced methane emissions, VNG is not just meeting the growing demand for environmentally friendly energy solutions but also reinforcing its dedication to achieving ambitious environmental goals.

Ken Yagelski, director of gas supply for Virginia Natural Gas, elaborates on the initiative: "At VNG, we are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions across our value chain, both upstream through the gas production and transmission systems that supply our gas and downstream to our customers. Our Next Generation Natural Gas supply is certified to be produced with lower greenhouse gas emissions than traditional natural gas supply. Our customers can feel good knowing we have strong relationships with environmentally conscious producers focused on reducing methane emissions efficiently and effectively during the production cycle."

This strategic move aligns with VNG's ongoing efforts to lead in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, leveraging initiatives such as pipeline modernization, and offering more sustainable energy options to its customers. Coupled with its recent groundbreaking Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) transaction, which contributes to its net-zero aspirations, VNG is solidifying its position as a key player in the energy sector's transition to sustainability. Through these concerted actions, VNG is actively contributing to emissions reduction, benefiting both the environment and its customers.