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Sustainability Initiatives at Virginia Natural Gas

We have made great progress improving the sustainability of our system. Still, we know there is more work to be done to reduce emissions and support Southern Company’s goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in its enterprise-wide operations by 2050.

Step’s to Advance Virginia’s Energy (SAVE) Program

Clean and Clear: Steps to Advance Virginia’s Energy Program
VNG is investing in the future of our communities through the Steps to Advance Virginia’s Energy (SAVE) Program. We’ve replaced over 500 miles of pipeline systems with new, durable pipes, which has helped reduce methane emissions by 31% since 2012. This program ensures a safe and reliable way for our customers to use natural gas while supporting emissions reductions efforts. Learn more about the SAVE program.

Initiatives for the Future: Next Generation Natural Gas
At VNG, we are working to reduce methane emissions by partnering with companies and suppliers that share the same goals. In doing so, VNG can seek opportunities to purchase Next Generation Natural Gas, which is procured, transported and delivered by companies committed to lowering methane emissions. Currently, up to 30% of customers’ annual demand is sourced through companies that have pledged to do so. Learn more about our dedication to clean energy.

Innovative Recapture Technology for Emissions Reduction

As part of our efforts to support a net zero future, we utilize innovative cross-compression technologies. This allows us to collect natural gas removed from the pipeline during maintenance or inspection and return it for use back into the line. This results in less gas or methane entering the atmosphere. Learn more about how cross-compression works.