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Safety Activities for Kids
Safety Activities for Kids

Safety Activities for Kids

Remember, If you Smell Gas, Act Fast!

Hi, kids! I’m Sniffy. As a skunk, I’m an expert in stinky odors—like the “rotten egg” smell that’s added to natural gas. That yucky smell lets you know if there’s a possible natural gas leak.

And you know what? If you smell that stinky rotten egg odor, you’ve got to act fast!  This means don’t delay—get away! Leave the house or building.

Remember these tips when you leave:

  • Don't use or touch anything electrical, like flipping off light switches or turning off the TV— things Mom and Dad would normally have you do before you leave the house.
  • Don't even use a cell phone!
  • Don't look for the leak.
  • Just go outside and then tell an adult or call us at 877.572.3342 or 911.

Try these fun activities to learn more about natural gas:

Teach your whole family about what to do if they smell the rotten egg odor of natural gas. Everyone should know what to do if they think they smell a possible natural gas leak at home, school, at the mall—anywhere! Leave! Then call 877.572.3342 or 911 for help.

Kids: Becoming a Safe Digging Champion

Did you know that there are natural gas pipelines and other utility lines such as water, cable and electric running underground?  Excavation work, including digging or excavating around a home or business is the most common cause of natural gas emergencies.  That is why you must be careful when digging to avoid hitting these lines.  

Before digging around your property, remember to call 811, a state-wide, toll-free number, to have your utility lines professionally marked.  Then, be sure to dig with C.A.R.E.:

  • Call 811 before you dig.
  • Allow the required time for free utility marking.
  • Respect the marks.
  • Excavate carefully.

Check out these fun activities to learn more about safe digging - 811 Activity Book>

For students receiving credit for class participation, click on the link below to take the online Safe Digging Champion Quiz:

Hampton City Schools>

Newport News Public Schools>

Norfolk Public Schools>

Virginia Beach Public Schools>