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Virginia Beach Boulevard & Euclid SAVE Project

At Virginia Natural Gas, we are committed to safely and reliably providing natural gas to our communities. As part of our commitment, we have established the Steps to Advance Virginia’s Energy (SAVE) program, our company's pipeline modernization initiative aimed at renewing our existing natural gas infrastructure — enhancing the integrity, reliability and safety of our pipeline system. Through our SAVE projects, we replace aging, older pipes with new pipes that are more durable, reduce methane emissions and are less expensive to maintain.

One of our largest projects, the Virginia Beach Boulevard and Euclid SAVE project, is currently under construction in the Virginia Beach area.

Project Details

The Virginia Beach Boulevard and Euclid SAVE project will be completed in four phases.

Construction of this project began in the spring of 2024 and will be meticulously executed starting on the west end of Virginia Beach Boulevard, close to Witchduck Road, and ending on the east side of the boulevard, near Thalia Road. Roads will only be closed along the sections of the project path where work is currently being performed. Please stay alert in construction zones and follow the direction of all traffic signs and on-site crews regarding lane closures and flow of traffic.

Project Map Overview

We will have an inspector/coordinator available daily to ensure customers and businesses are notified ahead of time of any construction that may affect them and that entry and access points remain open and available to traffic. Most of our work will take place in the median and should not disrupt businesses, especially on the longest stretch of our project, Virginia Beach Boulevard. However, we remind everyone to take precautions around any construction sites as we perform these important infrastructure upgrades.

Virginia Beach Boulevard and Euclid SAVE Pipeline Project Map

Phase 1 Virginia Beach Boulevard Project

Currently Under Construction

Phase 1

Virginia Beach Boulevard from North Witchduck Road to Rose Marie Avenue


Company Commitments

Virginia Natural Gas is committed to providing clean, safe, reliable, affordable natural gas to our customers and communities. To sustain that commitment, we must continually enhance and expand our natural gas infrastructure.


A safer, stronger, and more reliable infrastructure.


Support for the increasing demand from residential and commercial customers.


Greater system capacity to this high-growth corridor.


Reliable access to this energy source to help support jobs, development, and the local economy.

Our Steps to Putting Safety First

The safety of every family we serve is paramount to us. We work around-the-clock to safely provide our customers with the service they need — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Setting rigorous operating standards

Our team is equipped to keep our communities safe, so they can respond when called upon.


Continuous Monitoring

Regular inspections of our systems ensure safety, security, reliability and resiliency.


Safety training that exceeds regulations

That’s because putting safety first is not just a top priority, it's our number one value.


Use extra precaution around construction

Proceed with caution in construction zones and follow the direction of traffic signs and on-site crews.

Smell Gas?

Mercaptan is added to natural gas, giving it a distinctive "rotten egg" odor. This distinctive scent allows you to smell a potential leak if it occurs. 

Look for discolored vegetation, blowing dirt or continued bubbling water in the area of a buried gas line.

Listen for a hissing sound. The gas pipeline could be damaged, resulting in a loss of service and a potentially hazardous leak condition. 

Smell for the distinctive "rotten egg" odor of natural gas. As a safety precaution, we add a chemical odorant called mercaptan that gives natural gas an odor often associated with rotten eggs.

If You Suspect a Leak.

Never try to find the leak yourself. Only natural gas or emergency personnel should turn the valve off. 

Leave the area immediately, warning others in the area as you leave. Keep everyone away from the area until emergency assistance arrives.

Avoid the area and do not touch anything that may cause a spark. This includes lighters, matches, cigarettes, flashlights, light switches and telephones in the area of the suspected leak. Wait until you are a safe distance away before using your cell phone.

Call Virginia Natural Gas at 877.572.3342 or 911 once you are out of the area of the suspected leak and in a safe place. Stay away until Virginia Natural Gas or emergency personnel indicate it is safe to return.