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Southside Connector

The Southside Connector is a natural gas pipeline that will link Virginia Natural Gas’ main northern gas supply feed to its southern supply feed and is necessary to transport more of the gas supply available from our northern region into the South Hampton Roads region. It will improve Virginia Natural Gas’ distribution system operations to meet customer demand, support continued economic growth in the area, and ensure that all our customers have access to the most cost-efficient gas commodity prices. There’s nothing new, unusual or unsafe about this type of pipeline. In fact, VNG safely operates nearly 200 miles of the same size and pressure gas pipeline across our system, with 4.5 miles already existing in the City of Norfolk. 

This project will consist of 9 miles of 24-inch natural gas pipeline, buried a minimum of 3 feet underground, primarily in existing utility right of way. Where possible, directional boring will be used under streets and parking lots to avoid disruption to local residents. When open trenching is required, there is coordination with local jurisdictions to manage traffic control. Directional drilling will be used for water crossing. 

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Project Map and Construction Updates

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December 15 - 31

To date, project is 93% complete.


  • VNG has no road closures in Norfolk, but continues to restore road, curb and gutters on Stafford St. from Bellamy Ave. to E Berkley Ave.
  • Curb and gutter restoration on Berkley Ave Extension.


  • VNG has no road closures or traffic disruptions due to pipeline construction.

Project Timeline

The pipeline is expected to be operational by the 2018/19 heating season.

Project Contact Information

George Faatz
Director, Growth and Strategic Planning
Virginia Natural Gas
757.616.7507 - Office


Shannon Kiefhaber
Project Manager
Virginia Natural Gas
757.616.7525 - Office

If you have questions about this project , or other work you see in your neighborhood, please call our 24-hour Work in Your Neighborhood hotline at 757.616.7265. All inquiries will be returned within 48 hours.