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Restoring the Longleaf Pine

Virginia Natural Gas has joined the Nature Conservancy in its push to restore a key piece of the Southeast's environmental heritage – the longleaf pine.

With our longstanding commitment to maintaining and improving our environment, volunteers from Virginia Natural Gas continue to work alongside conservationists to help restore the once abundant longleaf pines, a forest home to wildlife dependent on its natural habitat, such as the now endangered red-cockaded woodpeckers.

Over the years, employees from Virginia Natural Gas have planted more than 1,000 seedlings across southeast Virginia including the 2,700 acre forest preserve in the Piney Grove Preserve near Wakefield, Virginia, and two Virginia Beach city parks.

To help further our contribution, VNG has also presented The Nature Conservancy with $30,000 in grants. We will continue to support the Nature Conservancy’s multi-year effort to restore the historic longleaf pine and will work with the group to plant more trees throughout our region.